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 April 3, 2017

3-5 year backlog tackled with $60M Bond

PHDC hosts contractors from across the City to discuss $60 million bond to reduce BSRP, AMP and WAP waitlist!

PHILADELPHIA, PA-April 3, 2017- Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC) released today Request for Qualifications and Proposals to hire additional contractors for its home improvement programs.  The requests are part of PHDC’s efforts to largely eliminate the three-to-five year waiting list that currently exists in the home repair programs. Requests can be found on the RFPs/RFQs page.

Philadelphia’s City Council approved the issuance of $60 million in bond funds to eliminate the waiting lists of Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation’s (PHDC) Basic Systems Repair Program (BSRP), Adaptive Modifications Program (AMP), and Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), creating the Housing Preservation Program in December 2016.  The waiting lists for these programs are currently 3-4 years, with over 7,000 Philadelphians waiting for services and repairs. The City considers these programs, and this bond issuance, key to keeping seniors and income-restricted individuals and families in safe, functioning homes that remain affordable

BSRP provides free repairs to roofs, electrical, plumbing and heating systems f owner-occupied homes in Philadelphia. AMP is designed to help Philadelphians with permanent physical disabilities remain in their homes. WAP provides free weatherization and energy-efficiency improvements to owner-occupied houses and tenant-occupied rental units located in the City of Philadelphia. Each program has income requirements and other criteria for participation.

“Since the approval of the issuance of bonds, PHDC has been ramping up our efforts to eliminate our waiting list, and ---effectively serve those in need of emergency repairs,” said Fred Purnell, Deputy Director for Housing and Community Development. “This RFP helps us to add more skilled contractors to our existing contractor base. This is a busy and exciting time at PHDC, and we are looking forward to directly impacting thousands of Philadelphians with this much needed new source of funding.”

“Housing preservation assistance is the most cost-efficient way to maintain quality in neighborhoods with older housing stock. Providing a means for income-restricted people to stay in their homes also prevents environment-related illnesses and homelessness,” City Council President Darrell L. Clarke said. “The bond issuance approved by City Council meets the needs of over 7,000 residents, many of whom are elderly and have limited means to pay for home repairs.  Ramping up this work will also create jobs, providing a shot in the arm for local economies.”

Skilled, licensed, and insured contractors that specialize in roofing, electric, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, asbestos removal, HVAC, and other trades are needed.  Proposals are due by 12:00 PM on Friday, April 21, 2017.

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